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This place is like someone's memory of a town, and that memory is fading.

Does anyone have a ps4 with NBA 2K14? I’ve gotten pretty bored with playing with random people online and it’d be cool to play with one of you guys if you do have that stuff. 

I make a living telling people what they want to hear

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younghipdad asked: Have you ever met a celebrity?

Well, I kind of sort of walked by Hugh Hefner went he went to my school like two years ago. He graduated from my high school and goes there to visit and donate money and stuff every so often. And I met Scottie Pippen last summer at this basketball festival thing. I could have met the entire Bulls team from last year when my school was selling tickets for a game for 50 bucks, but because they were only 50 bucks, I thought they were just going to get some really bad seats. I had no idea that they’d actually meet the team. I fucked up.  

The easter bunny is going to be at the store I work at tomorrow, so I can finally cross him off my list too.

younghipdad asked: Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Not really. I mean, I’ve been kissed by someone I didn’t know before. This elderly woman kissed me when I went to church with my mom once. I thought she was gonna go in for a hug but before I knew it, *smooch*. I haven’t been back since. 


i can float above the ceiling
i like drifting through the air
i tend to lose my concentration
but right now the clouds don’t appeal too much
i feel like going home

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Me & You | Larissa Hofmann Lea Colombo

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younghipdad replied to your post: I was going to try to come up with a c…

I’m too good 4 u

You think I’m an ignorant savage?

I was going to try to come up with a clever response to that too but I had nothing

younghipdad asked: [pocahontas voice] have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

I just had to look up the song this is from because I haven’t seen Pocahontas since I was in like kindergarten. 

Ask me “have you evers!”

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